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Our Approach

Our goal in working with clients is to make ourselves obsolete.

We COACH AND CONSULT We get the best results from a combination of Coaching and Consulting.  Consulting is working with client businesses to solve hard operational and organizational challenges.  Coaching is working with leaders to find their strengths, then helping them lead from those strengths.  When executives are at their best as people, they’re at their best as leaders.


We are AGENTS OF CHANGE:  Our clients hire us in a time of evolution. We don't just solve problems.  We facilitate transformation to help you achieve your highest potential.  We work at the C-Level to enable the most impactful changes that will help you and your team gain Intelligent Acceleration. 


We BUILD CAPABILITIES:  Consultants that help check things off a “to-do” list are great, but those are sub-contractors.  We do the real work, but we serve our clients best by helping you and your organization develop higher skills.  We don't judge our success by what we accomplish while we’re with a client.  We judge our success based on what the client is CAPABLE OF DOING after we're gone.


We demand WORTHY INQUIRY“Worthy inquiry” is a concept born out of the ancient gurus of India.  They would only take on students who had a high level of self-awareness, were open to change and welcomed challenge.  Asking for advise and coaching is not an admission of your inadequacies, it's a sign of self-confidence.  We want to work with clients striving to achieve personal and organizational mastery. 

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